Private Computer Lessons

Beginners, Advanced Users, Professionals and Seniors Welcome

Computer Training for Windows based PCs or Macintosh Systems

bullet Take the mystery and confusion out of using the computer
bullet Learn how to keep your computer healthy and running smooth
bullet Become comfortable on the Internet and email
bullet Learn valuable skills to make you more marketable or get that raise at work
bullet Computer basics, word processing, or training for software of your choice

Learn Computer Programs of Your Choice

bullet Whatever program you use, whatever you want to accomplish
bullet Learn new programs you have wanted to learn but thought too difficult
bullet Including Microsoft®, Adobe®, Quark® and many others
bullet Internet, email, office, design and financial programs are all available

Private Lessons or Professional Support in Your Home or Office

bullet Learn what you want to learn, at your own pace
bullet Refine the skills required of you by your employment
bullet Polish your professional image by acquiring or maintaining proficiency
bullet Learn with a friendly and very patient personal instructor
bullet Targeted training, time efficient and to-the-point