How Safe is My Data??


All of your data is backed up to our servers and stored with military grade AES-256 (256 bit) encryption, meaning only that your account can access it.

There is also an option to encrypt files during the actual file transfer (128-bit encryption). This encryption is similar to that used when you access your bank account online and can be turned on in the "Bandwidth" tab of the CloudZow settings. It is deselected by default because it does slow down the backup process.



Data Centers

Each file is stored redundantly, on multiple servers, in multiple physical data centers that are in different geographical locations.

These data centers exist behind industry-standard, enterprise-grade firewalls and network security, have redundant power and network connections, are resistant to all but the worst possible natural disasters, and are secured with multiple layers of physical security. This physical security includes key cards, security guards, biometric scanners at points of entry, and security cameras.




File Access

No one at Keynetik Safe , or at any of the data centers, has access to your files. When the files are stored on our servers, they are encrypted using a military grade AES-256 encryption code that only your account has access to.

Access to the data centers is controlled by key cards, biometric scanners, security cameras, and physical security guards.