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Keynetik LLC is a company which specializes in developing programs and building smart Internet sites for home use or the business sector. The company develops programs suited to the needs of its client and will build especially for you a software that will meet your special needs. The software will enable you to run your business efficiently and more comfortably thanks to the options and screen displays that are built in coordination with you.
We will enable you to have numerous listings in a variety of subjects, which you will decide upon, and any information you need will be displayed on your screen within seconds.
With the help of the tools we plan for you any activity which was complicated in other programs would become a lot easier, as our program is equipped with all necessary applications.

livedrive3Keynetik also deals with the building of systems on the Internet which will enable you to operate and supervise your business from any place, as well as share information with other branches or companies.
Our systems enable you to change the contents of your site independently, the graphics, management definitions, forums and an online notice board, all through one interface which is easy and friendly to use.
We offer our customers a variety of software solutions ranging from organizational portals, customer service systems, information systems, integration of organizational systems, electronic trade systems to internet sites.
We are constantly updated with the newest technologies which we immediately implement into our products.


IT Services

Keynetik also offers services like: Advanced Diagnostic With Repair (diagnostic, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, os repair, optimization, software updates)
We will investigate the cause of system freezes, overall slowness, and internet connection problems. Includes complete software repair, Hard Disk Recovery, virus and spyware removal, and physical cleaning..


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